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My name is Léon Wodtke and I am from The Netherlands. My career started in the military at the Dutch military police, during which I discovered my passion for storytelling. At first I was a model next to my job, but I wanted to work behind the camera after a while since I like to direct. Ever since my childhood I was always being creative, building Lego creations, designing, drawing and writing poetry. Since 2019 I’m fully focused on photography, two years later I also started with filmmaking. 

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I am someone who gives something of myself, within every shoot I have and every photograph I take. For me, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and your true self during your shoot with me. I’m an open communicator and because I have experience with some modelling work, I can give you directions on how to pose easily. Let's create! 

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Based in The Netherlands


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